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Object: Search for young writers to develop political fiction novels: The writer will be financial supported on the day of work basis and a royalty of 50 % of the prize
and edition profit.

Preferred candidate: Young journalist, specialized in politic analysis.

Propose title: January 10th 2051, the day when politician became extinct.

Genre (model): Political fiction: The subject is to describe the move of a democratic country to an electronic democracy by internet. Main ideas about electronic democracy are explained on

The novelist should know perfectly the situation of the country on the present day and should mix existing with fictive political figure to make a fictive political drama so s to describe the coming of the electronic democracy

The book should clearly described how electronic democracy works. The novelist should be inventive on the private motivation of the protagonist in favor or against the electronic democracy. In order to do so, the political novelist should clearly understand the current political balance and be created credible events which can break this balance towards the electronic democracy.

Reference to read (Move from the roman republic to the empire):
Rubicon: The Triumph and Tragedy of the Roman Republic by Tom Holland but project into future to describe. The idea is to present the revival of roman republican ideal, make possible by the technical revolution of Internet and software technology.

All books about revolution towards the law fiscal revolution gave good ideas.

Taxpayer and citizen unity around the fiscal shield of

Presentation of the background history:

In 2021, Hector Archytas produced a computer Internet platform

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