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Investment type:

Capital risk. By stocks purchase.



We are looking for a capital risk investment firm which is in position to obtain a license for ebanking service and customer account holding.



Managing director:

A 38 years old french software engineer who has two master degrees (software and financial mathematics) and who is working in the city for more than 100 000 pounds a year of salary. There is room for other directors and officers in the company.



Company type:

Rule breaker dot com internet based ebanking service?


Possible location:


Any democratic country with a strong liberal tradition and different than the test market.

England or Switzerland are a good choice.



Market size:

All democratic countries. USA is the strategic market. But, a smaller country like France or Switzerland might a good test market.




Specialized banking service for association, administration, cities, public companies.

Two line of business has to be separated:

- administration: Increasing the level of control of the tax payer on the administrative and the political world.

- public company and association: Increasing the level of control of the stock holder on the manager of a public company.



- Multi owner public account managed by configurable democratic power rules.



Rule breaking and concept promoting strategy:

The mean marketing strategy will be lobbying political parties and to use the competition between parties.


In the test market, direct political campaigning like a political party should be the most cost effective marketing strategy. The concepts of the companies are complexes to understand and the use of the political framework will be better than advertising. In practice, the company will employ commercial/candidate to local and general election or it will do strategic alliances with independent candidates. Furthermore, the part of the business of the company concerns public administration. It will necessitate a change of legislation. Thus, acting as a political party offering technical software to improve financial transparency in public administrations is a comprehensive strategy.



In the public company world: ERP like SAP can evolve into a competitor

In the administrative and associative world: There is no competition.


Prospective Market size: will target all the banking accounts of big public organisation (administration, public companies, association,...)

The company will target revenue on banking service and interest rate collection of more than 1 billions pounds revenue after 10 years.


Initial investment:

3 millions pounds in 5 years: 30 % are technical non compressable cost.

70 % are marketing cost. The first year investment will be no more than 0.4 millions pounds.


Mid term investment:

An offering on the NASDAQ will be done after 5 years. At this stage, the public will know the name and concepts defended by the company even if the company might not have broken even. 

The expection for this initial offering will be from 100 to 1 billions USD.



The classical technology uses by Internet brokers and ebanking business. Same software architecture than most ebanking system.

C#, SQL Server, ASP.NET




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