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How to earn money ?
Electronic Warrants are a financial service. The main remuneration is on the interest of the block amount. Another source of income are on advertizing on the web site. Service activity to integrate the system to big bank internet account management can also generate an income from a service prestation.
Can it be finance by the stock market ?
Yes. It needs an initial campaign to be launched, Once the concept is spread and understand public masses, shares of the company can be nicely valued on the stock market. And so even if the company is not yet cappable to generate positive cash flow. is a dot com business is advertized correctly, it has a value in itself as a concept to build the future.
Why is it more democratic than the current political network ?
In politics, politician are looking for the vote of a large fraction of the population. Only to be discussed, their idea should convice a large number of people at least 5 % of the electorat. To be put into action, they should reach 50 % to convinc tax payer to put the project into practice. So, political campaigns are focused on very restrict number of issues. As the general masses can only be award of a very limited number of them and they are extremely dependent of the presentation of the broascasting system deal with those issues. Those issues are usually the same since the invention of printing (or a different way to talk of the same thing) and if they can be approached by a better way, it should have been done before.
With eWarrant, it is possible to launch a project with a little but significiant number of people. 100 000 peoples ready to give up 100 EUR for a cause represents a budget of 10 millions which is a political force cappable to launch a huge range of projects. It is a new service integrating the approach of the world of politics and the world of finance.
How to reduce the cost of the advertizing campaign ?
The main cost is the advertising campaign. The most cost effictive is to plug ourselves on a political issue which is heating up the public opinion. An large TV, newspaper and add broscating should be taken into relay by the press and reach a mass efficiently.
What are the step to write the business plan?
1 - Initial advertizing funding
The main cost is advertizing campaign. Need to know the cost of 10 seconds advertising repeat 100 times in 2 weeks in major TV networks. It need to know the same for a adding campaing broascasting.  It can be also a good ideas to present a candidate at a local or european election (the easiest) and use the political infrastucture to present a "commercial candidate" with a "write yourself political program".
2 - Prototype
An initial prototype can be done by one software professionel in one year.
3 - Personal need to run the company at the fundation
Two Client support/ QA testers
One software professionals
One campaign manager
Moreover, an operational company needs to have a customer support team. Its purpose is to answer to customer requests  by email, to write down the help engine and a QA team to test the product for customer. Two other persons are needed for this role.
Another person should be in charge of the campaign strategy.  This mean also to present himself to some public election to profit from a cheap marketing strategy.