Electronic Democracy

Vote or electronic debate ?
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Internet revolution
Search for the true democrate who wants to act in the first electronic assembly

We will engineer the greatest political revolution of the last 2500 years and we will bring the public sector and the national politics to the level of efficiency and specialisation of the private sector. 



Imagine a country where you can vote for projects instead of politicians,


Imagine a country where you can decide yourself how to allocate your tax money on the projects you choose,


Imagine a country where laws are voted in an electronic parlement of openned to all citizens,



Imagine a country where the purpose of politics is not anymore to gather 10 millions on 10 campaigning themes but 10 000 peoples on 10 000 political themes,


Imagine a country where you receive stock shares in the national company where your tax money is invested, or where you receive property shares in to compensate for government construction done with your tax money,


Imagine a country with no Inland Revenue monopoly and no national budget. Where you pay and negotiate taxes directly to the administration or the ministry.


Imagine a country where fiscal revolts are institutionalized in the legal framework in order to be done only towards a specific administration to close it so as to get back taxes and the money invested in it.


Imagine a country with an unlimited number of specialized parliamentary assemblies. Where you can exchange your voting rights from one assembly to another.


Imagine a nation that is unified under its laws. Where laws are written on the form of an expert system and are the core engine of an electronic democracy. 

Imagine a nation where public action are created directly by the people on the form of public initiative

Imagine a country where everybody is candidate to any public post and where you can delegate your right to choose to any member of the nation

Imagine a country where politicians cannot close the system anymore to protect their jobs