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The main objective of multi governance (1) is to the modernization of the public sector. England has already an embryonic form of multi governance by having a Monarchy and a "Parliamentary" governing structure. Even if the monarchy framework is deactivated, it still exists as a backup governing structure useful to manage deep crisis, which can appear in the this very complex parliamentary framework or during a critical transition (2). 



Transition between the parliamentary representative system towards Electronic Democracy


The initiative will take form of a petition toward the queen. As only the queen has the authority to initiate an experimentation of this kind. The experimentation would probably take the form of the separation of a complete ministry from the government. Then, electronic democracy would be evaluated on the level of this non-strategic ministry. This will make it possible to evaluate the system and let private companies developed electronic democracy software platform.

The queen will than authorize to move some other ministry to the electronic democracy.


(1) The transition between the two radical political framework of parliamentary representation towards electronic democracy can only be achieved though multi governance. There is three known form of multi governance:

- Governance by independent ministry: Each ministry has a tax collection system and his democratic assembly (this is the least competitive one and the only one consider in the British case),

- Territorial multi governance: State are legal entity completely independent of the country (territory) and the nation (the people); Several state with their own administration, budget and debts can so compete on the territory on the borough level. Those new state will gather unlink territories.

-  Financial multi governance or coexistencialism:  The separation is now territorial but financial. A state is a group of people with a common taxation, debts and assets. People can “move” from one state to another like they can sell or buy shares in a company. This last form is the most competitive and so have the best capacity to evolve. It has also some stability issue and its stability is completely dependent of the nature of the law, which unifies the whole system.



(2) The Emperor Meiji in 1868 has engineered the modernization of Japan after 1000 years of symbolic role. It is probably the most remarkable political achievement of all time.