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Electronic Justice

A new technology to write down the law system has appeared: Expert System. The law writing system is much better than a law based on an ever evolving tradition but it has the inconvenient that there is a risk of voting contradictory laws. And so, when laws become too many to be known, the risk of voting laws which contradict preceding one increases. A new political movement can appear with in own vocabulary and so vote laws with their new world which contradicts former law.


The usage of a "computer language" instead of a natural language will solve this issue and guarantee that the law is hierarchies from the article 1 to the last without any contradiction.


This new way to write the law will make the legal expert system the core of the electronic democracy computer software.  The expert software will be able to verify automatically that all initiatives are done correctly and according to the law.

Expert system is currently used in the medical sector and the technological world to gather and retrieve technological knowledge. Its best application will be by far the legal framework and provide a nearly free democratic legal advice by Internet. It could revolutionaries the legal institution in deciding automatically who should pay the legal fee to initiate the procedure: defendant or prosecutor.



It will also lead to the emergence of an economical and more efficient electronic justice. The law question will be consulate by Internet and law arbitrage will be issue between parties almost instantaneously and at nearly no charges. 


Progressive politics is an opposition and balance between two systems of unification for a common cause:  the law and the solidarity instinct. Nature has created solidarity to unify individuals who knows each other’s. In large nation, this instinct gathers individuals under a ruling class. Only member of this ruling class know each other enough to act under a real natural solidarity. The answer to this issue came from Moses, Jean Calvin and the writer of the right of men declaration: "Achieving national unity under the law". We are the party, which is defending the idea of strong law against politicians who hide themselves under the concept of national solidarity or universal solidarity.