Electronic Democracy


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Search for the true democrate who wants to act in the first electronic assembly

Three different software platforms will be used in the electronic democracy system.
- The law-voting platform with delegation to specialize assembly by ministry or administration. The delegation mechanism will be recursive so as delegate can delegate a part of their right to another delegate to another assembly.
- The administration that manages platform will be also through another delegate mechanism. The purpose of this platform will be to create, restructure or close public administration.
- The initiative market platform will concentrate all the initiative and sort them by ministry, subjects, popularity or amount of money collected. It will put on an equal based: private initiatives to fund new company, charity initiatives or public initiatives to fund new administrative structure.
Legal assemblies
The legal voting structure is not through specialized assembly by ministry. People can take the opportunities to create a new ministry class through the Initiative platform. People can move or duplicate or ministry class so as to guarantee competition and evolution between assembly class.
The delegation is recursive. A delegate can delegate their own right to others delegate.
Ministry classes are hierarchies into administrative classes. So, there is an inherited mechanism in the class system. The overall idea is to make possible specialized and evolution of the public section.
This assembly follows the rule: one man, one vote.
Management and financing assemblies
The mechanism are similar to the precedent but those assemblies according to the tax paid by the administration and proportionality to the amount paid. This assembly has to follow the rules of the but it blocks an action by refusing its funding. This assembly has the power to select the executive of specific administrations. This assembly has also the power of defining the tax structure followed in financing the administration.
The indirect taxation will be accounted like a direct taxation of salaries people working in their company. VAT will be considered to be a 100 % taxes paid an a trimester bonus paid to salary people of the relevant company. Profit taxes will be considered to be an 100 % taxes on a annual bonus paid by salary people of the relevant company. This way of country is better than to consider those taxes paid by share holders as many share holders are hidden through nominee and living abroad. It is also consistent with the idea that capital never really paid taxes. Buying power and salaries through currency exchange mechanism adjust to the tax level of the country independently to the fact the taxation is direct or indirect.
The assembly of “system administrator”
The administrator assembly will be an unique assembly. The assembly will deliberate according to the law if an assembly can authorize the vote through "direct democracy" or only through delegate. The decision of using delegate can only be done on the argument of necessary "technical skills". The assembly can decide that in a specific assembly, delegates should have a specific diploma or a number of experience in working in a specific industry.
This assembly can be open direct assembly. In the case of England, the house of Lord Parliament can replace it.
Initiative market system
This system is used to create new ministry class or subclass. It will be used to close some virtual assembly class. It can also be used to charity or company creation initiative.