Electronic Democracy

Search for the true democrate who wants to act in the first electronic assembly

Vote or electronic debate ?
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Search for the true democrate who wants to act in the first electronic assembly

I am a French IT specialist and financial mathematician working in London. I have started to develop an internet software platform based on the web service in order to be able to have an unlimited number of persons taking part to any political process.

I define a political process as the steps of communication between several individuals in order to converge to the common decision to act together (or to join some resource) to achieve a common goal. The approach of a male and a female in order to start a family is a political process. The negotiation between potential future partners to create a company is a political process.

The debate in a national assembly to vote a law is also a political process. In the last case, I am more interest by political initiatives to gather people to vote in a specific direction than the vote itself. The hidden process of the debate and the voting agenda is also a key point.
The software platform will be general enough to deal with all kinds of politics.
I need your ideas who want to join me on this project:


Nothing should be forgotten:
- destruction of argument by dialectics,
- political transaction (support other objectives if they join your objective),
- destruction of argument by scientific inquiry,
- increase of individual political influence by successful political,
- delegation of voting right to the most capable, specialize (and available)
- vote of organic law (law to define the condition of getting a position, responsibility and its remuneration),
- Initiation of control of the executive realization and public spending…
And far more

The idea behind is that true democracy was only possible in a city state like Rome and Athena. And, city state could not survive the creation of country-state and empire. And so, democracy disappears!!! It is however remarkable that the most incredible empire has been the result of the republican city state: Rome. Republicanism can be seen as a practical democracy where the top position is old by two consuls for only one year (not 4 or 5 !!!!!!!!!!). This balance of power and extreme competition on the top guarantee, that citizens have a real political and influential power. The absence of a recurrent taxation system through state budget is the symptom of a real democracy. If there are no projects, there is no point to pay taxes. Public service was financed directly and not indirectly by the state budget. If the republic face an opportunity or a danger, all individual resource was available. On the opposite, monarchy was a system when one man becomes the head and the nation the body. The monarch was responsible for every things and the subject could keep a childish irresponsible nature. Tax and obligation are fixed and in most case at the highest rate possible. It is an hazard if democratic Athena stops the Persian empire and the Roman republic submits those inefficient monarchy under its law.

Currently so-called republican country should rather be called elective monarchy and not representative republic. I don’t see how can you qualify a system of republic if most citizen are educated in a centralized manner, influence by centralized media and pay taxes without any influence on their usage and mostly indirectly without any conscience of their real amount.

In the case of constitutional monarchy, the monarch is surrounded by law writers (lord or nomenclatura). Law writers have extreme privilege over the law reader with extremely reduced political rights like selecting somebody in a set of professional politician with an extremely superficial or organize knowledge of those candidate.

Centralized monarchy was the logical system of the writing law which appears in Babylon 3500 years ago and replaces the cultural and oral law nearly everywhere (with the exception of India still under the oral law and so divided into political cast and tribe). The Bible is the symptom of this writing law. Law writer writes the words of god and readers should have a heart of children, accept to be the discipline and servile sheep to deserve to enter into the kingdom of god.
Now, the coming the electronic law is on the way and the world will not be divided between law writers and readers. The disappearance of the writing law will create the technical possibility of a real citizen equity of each citizen in front of the full state process and public position. Politics will become meritocratic and highly concurrencial. Public structure will become highly efficient,… The political world will be full of bright and passionate initiative and genius projects.

Who are the true democrats ready to join me in this political challenge?