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Do you agree that laws should be voted in specialized Internet assembly with an unlimited number of delegates?
Do you agree that specialized assembly in which the voting rate is in accordance to the tax amount paid should elect executive team of each administration?
Do you agree that public initiative should be classed by popularity so as respective assemblies should deal with them in the order of their popularity?
Do you agree that new administration can be closed or opened in the administrative assemblies?
Do you agree that laws should be written on an expert system form so as to be able to become the core of an electronic democratic software platform?
Do you agree that if the tax amount is invested in a public building or a nationalized company, the taxpayer should receive inheritable investment shared and the possibility to sell those shares if this administration is closed?
Do you agree that the nation should decide about to open or close new ministry class through an initiative market platform?
Do you agree the total secrecy is not an issue in matter of voting and confidentiality is fair enough? The confidentiality right will not be offered to individual who presents themselves as delegates in order to increase their voting weight in the assembly.
Do you wish that the petition should also go toward the European Parlement to bring the European Parliament toward electronic democracy ?
Do you want that the european parliament should move towards Electronic Democracy before the British Parliament ?

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